My company, Octiv Digital, is pleased to announce that starting January 2020, we are officially opening two new office locations in both the Salt Lake City, Utah and Phoenix, Arizona.

Why Salt Lake City & Phoenix?

As you may know, Jeff and I both called Salt Lake City home for many years, and this market remains near and dear to our hearts.  A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to relocate to Phoenix, Arizona to pursue my Masters Degree at Arizona State University, and have fallen in love with the valley of the sun.  Ultimately, Jeff and I decided to start this company with a mission to help grow small business in communities we love, so it only makes sense for us to focus on growing the places we love to be. 

While Octiv Digital may be headquartered in the Sacramento, CA region, we also cater to clients all over the country including Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Phoenix and Salt Lake City. Expanding to offer our products to additional regions will  will help small business owners find us, and while we can’t physically be in every city, we proudly provide our services to business owners wherever they may reside.

With the expansion comes our full list of services including:

If you, or anyone you may know is looking for help with digital strategy, please reach out.